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How we work

Our approach is highly personal and what matters to us is that we deliver the right results for you, on time and within the agreed budget. We work with clients all over the UK and within Europe, and for each of our clients, our consultative approach ensures that we agree your objectives before we start - and work hard to exceed your expectations.


Not only do we restore the order to your home or office, but our services extends to the items you no longer want; we can also find the right place to sell anything of value that you no longer need; clothes no longer worn are taken to a dress agency; we will find the right person to repair that antique lamp; we can arrange for a local auction house to evaluate items you may with to sell and take your unwanted clothes and shoes to a deserving charity shop of your choice.


Once we have completed the job, we give you a document to tell you what has been stored and where to find it. For larger projects, we will catalogue collections or personal effects, leaving you with a detailed spreadsheet that will enable you to keep track of all your possessions.


Your confidentiality is guaranteed at all times, and we are happy to supply references where required.

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