January 2017
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How to declutter your life

House and garden magazine - How to declutter your life


“As the date for my house move loomed, I became more and more anxious. The thought of moving a lifetime of beloved objects was daunting, let alone throwing away, or giving to charity, the detritus a magpie like me inevitably collects.

Then a friend told me about Sophie, and in desperation I rang her up.

Within a week, she had calmly, expertly, labelled and lifted luggage, sorted and stored boxes, tidied, packed, filed, chucked, and itemized my belongings, including maps of storage rooms for easy access, and directing removal men. Better still, she held my hand, made cups of tea, and gently reminded me that you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Thanks to Sophie's unflappable attitude, I avoided a nervous breakdown, and am about to move back to my refurbished home, with the things I love intact, and the rest given away, a streamlined list of my remaining possessions, and a lighter outlook on life. Thanks Sophie!”

Carinthia West

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