January 2017
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How to declutter your life

House and garden magazine - How to declutter your life

An Estate in Gloucestershire


  • Family history from 1700-2004 filed, boxed, catalogued and delivered to National Archive
  • Contents of stables and extensive cellars, cleared and arranged in orderly fashion
  • Restorer found for antique perambulator and ceremonial clothing
  • Golf clubs and bags, shoehorns, spurs and fishing rods sold to antiques collector
  • 1930’s furniture offered to V & A Museum
  • Fireplaces sold to reclamation yard
  • Rotting, mice-infested carpets, beds and old dilapidated furniture removed to refuse tip


Retired Couple preparing to downsize


  • Review possessions and determine what they truly want to keep and what they would like to let go
  • Wine cellar catalogued and prepared for removal
  • China collection catalogued and photographed
  • Clothes - improved storage systems put in place
  • Childrens’ possessions catalogued, given back, or given to charity
  • Garage cleared, garden equipment repaired
  • Family archives catalogued and boxed
  • Division of some family treasures for inheritance
  • Some items taken to Auction House

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