January 2017
House & Garden
How to declutter your life

House and garden magazine - How to declutter your life

Private Office in London


  • Mountains of newspapers and magazines cleared away
  • Research materials archived
  • Filing systems put in place
  • Stationery cupboard organised, labelled and items replaced
  • Confidential papers files
  • Accounts prioritised and settled

Moving a Family into their new home

  • August - supervise spring-cleaning with housekeeper - all cupboards emptied, cleaned and re-arranged, repairs organised
  • Twice yearly, children’s rooms organised with each child, toys, books and clothes rationalised, with new items purchased as necessary
  • Husband and wife’s closets, sorted and arranged by season, all reviewed, unwanted items sold or donated to charity
  • Create memory boxes with each member of the family
  • Linen cupboard re-organised, shelves labelled
  • Rationalise collections; DVDs, books, CDs, china
  • Pre-Christmas, Christmas presents wrapped, prepared decorations
  • Office filing - bill paying

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